Marathon 2-Port Thermal Storage Tank Offers Efficient Options for Alt-Energy Systems

Ruud is excited to introduce the new Marathon Two-Port Thermal Storage Tank.  Innovatively designed, it provides building professionals with a light-weight, energy-efficient thermal storage tank with the installation flexibility to fit a wide variety of applications.

The Marathon Thermal Storage Tank comes with a lifetime warranty due in part to the unique construction of the inner tank.  The inner tank features the same non-metallic construction as the Marathon Lifetime Residential Electric Water Heater that was recognized with a Consumer Award from the Society of Plastic Engineers. 

Some of the other technologically-advanced features include:

  • Corrosion-resistant inner tank—the inner tank is wrapped in fiberglass making it resistant to rust and corrosion that can effect the operating life of conventional storage tanks
  • Energy-saving insulation—the inner tank is encased in 2.5 inches of polyurethane foam insulation, intended to minimize heat loss through the walls of the tank and cut energy consumption.  A pipe wrap kit is also provided to maximize energy efficiency
  • Protective Outer Tank—the tank and insulation are enclosed within a durable, dent-resistant, molded-polyethylene outer jacket.  

The Marathon Thermal Storage Tank is available in 50-gallon, 85-gallon and 105-gallon capacities with two-port configurations.  Please contact your local Ruud Representative for more details, or click here for more details.