Minimize the Impact of Winter Weather at Home

Happy New Year! The year 2010 has finally arrived along with freezing temperatures across the states. As you try to stay warm, here are some steps you can take to minimize the impact of winter weather at home:

  • Protect your pipes! Prevent them from freezing by letting faucets drip if your pipes run through unheated spaces. If you're leaving town, drain your water system by turning off the main valve and running each faucet in the house until water stops flowing.


  • Check your carbon monoxide detector and make sure you have fire extinguishers handy. Many households utilize alternative heat sources in cold weather, but improper use and faulty equipment may pose fire hazards.


  • Make sure cars are in good running condition. In freezing temperatures, a fully charged battery is necessary to start a vehicle. Tires also loose pressure with extreme temperature drops, so be certain yours are properly inflated.


  • Maximize energy efficiency by ensuring any holes, cracks or gaps are properly sealed. Make sure your Ruud HVAC equipment is tuned up and keep thermostat temperatures at 70°F or below during the day.

Your Ruud Contractor can help you winterize your home comfort system. To find a Ruud Contractor in your area, please visit