Super-Efficient Rheem Hybrid Water Heater Earns Numerous Industry Awards; Adds 40-Gallon Unit to its Growing Lineup

Since its introduction in 2009, the first-to-market HP-50 hybrid heat pump water heater has attracted top honors for green design. In another industry first, Rheem now expands the line with the HP-40 hybrid for smaller residential applications.

Offering twice the energy efficiency and half the operating cost of a standard electric water heater, the Rheem HP-50 hybrid heat pump water heater has won repeated recognition from industry experts as one of the top green products currently on the home-building and

With the introduction of the HP-50 hybrid water heater in September 2009, Rheem became the first manufacturer to deliver a fully integrated, high-efficiency heat pump water heater to the plumbing wholesale channel.

Since that unveiling, the HP-50 hybrid has received numerous awards from building-industry magazine publishers nationwide for its energy-efficient design and quick payback on investment for the homeowner. Here is a rundown of the editorial and show awards received to date:
  • Home Builder Executive Magazine
    1st Place Award for Green Building Products 2010

  • Appliance Design Magazine's
    Excellence In Design (EID) Awards
    Bronze Award for 2010

  • GreenBuilder Magazine Top 50 Hot Products for 2010

  • Architectural Product Reports
    Top Ten Green Products for 2009

  • BUILDERnews
    Best Products Award Winner for 2009

  • Building Green (GeenSpec Directory)
    Top 10 New Products of the Year for 2009

  • 2009 Greenbuild Expo
    Nationally Recognized Top Ten New Products for 2009

  • Contractor Magazine
    Editor's Choice Award, September 2009

Having been the first-to-market with the award-winning HP-50 hybrid water heater and building on the success of that model, Rheem Water Heating is now the first manufacturer to offer more than one hybrid heat pump model with its new 40-gallon unit, designed for smaller households with a lower hot-water demand. ENERGY STAR® certification is pending for the HP-40 hybrid, which will be available in early June.
Like the 50-gallon unit, the new HP-40 hybrid carries a 10-year limited tank and parts warranty and offers an Energy Factor of 2.0, or more than twice the efficiency and half the annual operating cost of a standard electric storage water heater. Both Rheem hybrid models also qualify for a federal tax credit as well as many state and utility rebates and incentives.
“The HP-40 hybrid, which is the only 40-gallon heat pump water heater available in the United States today, was designed with younger couples and empty-nesters in mind,” says Rheem senior product manager Tommy Olsen. “Their daily hot-water requirements are much less than those for a family of four or more, but they still want the excellent energy-saving benefits of a cutting-edge hybrid that integrates heat pump technology with conventional electric elements.”
With its 21-inch diameter, the new model boasts the same slim profile as its 50-gallon counterpart. But thanks to its smaller storage capacity, the HP-40 hybrid is 10 pounds lighter and 10 inches shorter, with an overall height of 65.5 inches. As a result, installation in spaces with restricted access — including attics and basement mechanical rooms — is even easier. 
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