Popsicles Aren’t the Only Things Keeping You Cool This Summer!

Popsicles Aren’t the Only Things Keeping You Cool This Summer! 
June is just around the corner and that means two things: school is out and summer is in! Demand for your time and energy can increase with the kids hanging around the house and the temperature getting hot, hot, hot. Now is the perfect time to teach the family tips to help you keep your cool and cut summer energy costs.
·       See if your local Rheem contractor offers a summer HVAC tune-up to keep your system working as efficiently as possible!
·       Discourage your family from coming in and out of the house excessively. Each time the door is opened, a substantial blast of hot air will follow.
·       Turn off power sources. TVs, computers and other electronic devices draw power when they are in standby mode or turned off but still plugged in. Plug electronics into power strips and turn off the power switch when the items are not in use.
·       Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), which use 75 percent less electricity and burn more coolly than incandescent bulbs.
·       Use ceiling fans in the counter-clockwise direction to create a wind-chill effect, making you feel cooler.
·       Seal holes and cracks around doors and windows. Eliminate air leaks between window air conditioners and windows with foam insulation or weather-stripping.
·       Close doors leading to uncooled parts of your home. If you have central air conditioning, close off vents to unused rooms. Keep filters clean.
For all your summertime maintenance help with your home heating and cooling system, contact your dependable Rheem contractor in your area.