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Hot water from the sun

Ruud slim solar panels on your roof will provide you with a free and natural way to heat your water. You get hot water that saves on water heating costs and helps the enviroment too. Ruud SolPak active solar thermal systems and Solaride passive solar water heating systems are designed to efficiently collect the sun's available energy and use it to provide you with hot water on tap for all your needs.

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Universal Solar Servant
  • Storage tank and electric storage water heaters for storage applications
  • Choice of two models – storage tank or single element water heater – both specifically equipped for installation with direct solar systems
  • 80 and 120 gallon capacities – Universal side/top connect models for collector loop connections

Solaraide Passive Solar System
  • Closed loop passive solar system
  • Requires no pumps or controllers
  • Available in 2 system configurations
  • Complete system includes tank, collector(s), installation kit and heat transfer fluid
  • Collectors OG-100 certified by SRCC
  • System OG-300 certified by SRCC

Solar Servant HE
  • Storage heat exchanger, solar tank, or electric storage water heater
  • Choice of two models – storage tank or single element water heater
  • 80 and 120 gallon capacity
  • A special 1/2" NPT opening is provided for installation for a “probe-type” thermostat
  • Double wall, wrap around heat exchanger