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Federal Tax Credit

All Solar tanks and systems below qualify for the new Federal Energy Tax Credits in existing or new residential construction.


Stimulas Bill Details: Tax credit up to 30% of the cost of equipment and installation. Please check with your tax advisor for details.



Qualified Dates: Installations from 1/1/2009 through 12/31/2016





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81V80HE-1 & (-T)
82V120HE-1 & (-T)
81VR80-1 & (-T)
81VR120-1 & (-T)
81VR80TC-1 & (-T)
81VR120TC-1 & (-T)


Ruud Solaraide Storage Tanks
Eligible for Federal Tax Credits only when part of an SRCC approved solar water heating system.



Ruud Solaraide
Roof of ground mount thermosiphon system with collector(s) and tank



Ruud SolPak
Roof top collector(s), indoor tank, controller, multi-speed pump, mixing valves, expansion tank