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Ruud Tankless Water Heaters

Ruud® Tankless Water HeatersSAVINGS & HOT WATER

Get the Tankless Advantage

Enjoy more savings, unmatched convenience and continuous hot water with new Ruud® Tankless Water Heaters—and get estimated savings of up to $1,1001.

Get the Tankless Advantage

Tankless Features & Benefits

Why choose a Ruud Tankless solution? Ruud Tankless Water Heaters offer the savings, comfort and protection you need.

  • Savings
  • Comfort
  • Protection
SAVE MONEYHigh Efficiency Tankless Gas Water Heaters save an estimated $1,100 over 12 years1, and some qualify for rebates2 SAVE SPACECompact sizes and outdoor models free up valuable space in your home
SAVE WATERRuud Condensing Tankless Gas Water Heaters save up to 12,000 gallons3 of water per year with a Ruud Tankless Water Heater with Built In Recirculation Pump SAVE ON INSTALLATION1/2" gas line compatibility (all models), low-cost PVC venting (condensing models) and built-in condensate neutralizer (select condensing models only) save installation time and money4
EXPERIENCE THE LUXURY OF CONTINUOUS HOT WATERLoad the laundry, start the dishes, and still have enough hot water to enjoy a relaxing hot bath ENJOY FASTER HOT WATERChoose a Tankless Water Heater with Built In Recirculation Pump or add a recirculation pump kit for faster hot water at the faucet
MINIMIZE COLD WATER BURSTS Exclusive Hot Start Programming keeps Ruud Tankless Water Heaters in ready-fire state between back-to-back hot water needs
STAY SAFEExclusive Overheat Film Wrap shuts down the unit if the heat exchanger overheats for added safety in your home PROTECT YOUR HOMEAvailable EcoNet® WiFi Kits send mobile maintenance reminders and detect and alert you to water leaks after shutting off water and gas to the unit (indoor models only5).

Ruud Tankless Choices

There’s a Ruud tankless option that’s just right for you, offering your desired efficiency level, indoor vs. outdoor installation, recirculation pump options and even hydronic heating. Click on each image below to view product details.

Get To Know Tankless

Learn more about the Ruud Condensing and Non Condensing lineup of tankless water heaters.

Condensing Tankless with Built In Recirculation Pump Intro Video
Condensing Tankless Intro Video
Non Condensing Tankless with Built In Recirculation Pump Intro Video
Double the Comfort from One Unit

Double the Comfort from One Unit

The Ruud® Combination Boiler joins the benefits of a tankless water heater with those of a hydronic boiler—all in one one space-saving unit.

The Combi delivers:

  • Up to 9.9 GPM of continuous hot water
  • 95% AFUE hydronic space heating
  • Compatibility with hydronic devices like registers, in-floor radiant heating systems, ceiling panel heaters—even hydronic air handlers
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Advanced Protection
More Control

EcoNet® WiFi Technology – you can add EcoNet capability to a Ruud tankless gas water heater produced 2010 or later (excluding Condensing with Built In Recirculation and Combi units), or purchase a Tankless Gas Water Heater with EcoNet Built In to enjoy:

  • Leak detection with auto shut-off5 – to protect your home and belongings
  • Integration with Smart Home Systems – to control and monitor with your voice
  • Mobile temperature control, alerts and reminders6 – for total control over your home comfort
  • Notifications you can forward to your plumber – for faster, easier repairs

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