Introducing EcoNet:

The first integrated system for your home’s heating, cooling and water heating equipment—delivering a new level of efficiency, convenience and comfort.
How it works
  • Explore each aspect of our integrated system

    Whether at home or on-the-go, you can adjust your home’s comfort systems to fit your lifestyle and schedule—controlling your heating, cooling and water heating for reliable performance and maximum energy savings.

  • Effortlessly control your home heating and cooling systems-even while on vacation or at the office-to find your family’s perfect temperature while saving more energy than ever. Together, your Ruud EcoNet-enabled heating and cooling system with the EcoNet Control Center + EcoNet mobile app provide all these convenient, cost-saving features—and more:

    • Temperature adjustment
    • Programmability – 7-day schedule with 4-program periods per day
    • Mode selection – including fan only for constant ventilation
    • Vacation mode
    • Maintenance reminders and alerts including filter change
    • Humidity control
    • Monitoring and management of various accessories connected to your system, including humidifiers, air filters, UV lights, and ventilators.
    • Dual fuel ready
  • Take control of bathtime—and anytime you need hot water—like never before. Most water heaters heat and reheat continuously, but EcoNet lets you set your water heater to reduce hot water production when it isn’t needed—like when you take a family trip—using the easy-to-set vacation mode. Ruud EcoNet-enabled water heaters work with the Ruud EcoNet WiFi module,
    the EcoNet Control Center and the EcoNet mobile app to deliver unprecedented, anywhere control with convenient features like these:
    • Temperature adjustment
    • Mode selection
    • Vacation mode
    • Maintenance reminders and alerts
  • With its slim profile, attractive, 4.7" LED touchscreen with easy-to-read text and icons, and interchangeable faceplates to match any decor, the EcoNet system has brains and beauty. Manage your home energy in style with intuitive features at your fingertips:
      With EcoNet Control Center you get:
    • All-in-one control of heating, cooling and water heating for
      your whole home
    • Easy-to-use controls (rated 9 out of 10 for usability by
      homeowners like you)
    • Smart system diagnostics with troubleshooting guidance and
      maintenance/service alerts
  • Take control wherever you go, with the free Ruud EcoNet mobile app. It lets you tap into your home energy systems from anywhere to change temperatures, set modes and receive important alerts—saving you energy costs (and worry) from anywhere you have Internet access.

    Available for Apple and Android devices.
65% of your home’s energy use is now 100% under control, whether you’re home or away.
Heating, cooling and water heating can account for more than 65% of a home’s energy use.* By letting you set schedules for your air and water systems based on your lifestyle and usage needs, EcoNet makes saving more energy possible.
Did you know?American households spend an average of almost $2,000 a year on utility bills.

*Sources D.O.E. and Mint.com

  • Match your style
    The EcoNet Control Center fits you, thanks to three easy-to-change faceplates designed to compliment the style of you and your home. Choose and change up background colors to match holidays, seasons or your child’s new favorite color.
  • 1-Touch Vacation Mode
    Never forget to turn down—or turn off—your energy-consuming home energy systems again. One-touch vacation mode works from anywhere via the EcoNet mobile app to instantly save on heating, cooling and water heating costs when you’re not home to enjoy them.

    Life-style Based Scheduling
    EcoNet makes it easy to set a full week’s worth of perfect temperatures customized to your family’s typical morning, day, evening and night. Programming your system to deliver the heating and cooling you need, when you need it, cuts energy costs (some report up to $180 a year in savings) while keeping your home happy.
  • we grow as you grow
    EcoNet already works with many Ruud heating, cooling and water heating products, and even more compatible systems are on the way. Future-friendly technology means its designed to support connections with other home automation systems, so you can take advantage of exciting new advancements in whole-home management.
Control your Ruud EcoNet systems with leading smartphone and tablet devices. The apps are powerful—and absolutely free.

EcoNet works with Ruud home comfort products, offering an affordable solution that satisfies everyone’s budgets and lifestyles.
If you currently own a Ruud heating or cooling solution with Comfort Control or Comfort Control2, these products are EcoNet compatible.
Contact an authorized dealer to purchase a conversion kit and EcoNet System. Find one in your area.

If you are ready to get Ruud EcoNet heating, cooling or water heating solutions for your home or you have question, just ask!
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