Ruud tankless water heaters are very energy efficient. This calculator can be used to compare actual energy costs of our tankless and tank-type water heaters based on your individual usage.

You may change any of the numbers in the shaded areas to accurately calculate your savings.

Tankless Water Heater Energy Calculator

What is Temperature Rise?

Temperature rise is based on how much your incoming water temperature must be raised to meet the desired output temperature. For example, if your incoming water temperature is 60 degrees F and you desire a hot water temperature of 105 degrees, the temperature rise would be 45 degrees.

What is the water heater EF rating?

The EF rating of the water heater is an abbreviation for Energy Factor. The Energy Factors shown are used by national testing laboratories. The Energy Factor of tankless water heaters are specific only to the Ruud brand.

The current dollar amounts shown in the “cost per fuel type” are based on a national average. Check your local utilities for the cost rates in your area for an accurate comparison.

Based on the values set for the calculator, the dollar amount in the last column is the actual cost to heat the number of gallons in the first column. As you can see, Ruud tankless water heaters save money every time there is a demand for hot water.