Residential Pool and Spa Heaters
Residential Pool and Spa Heaters

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Relaxation Starts Here

Chances are, the last thing that you think about is your pool heater. You expect to be comfortable and that's why Ruud is the best choice that you can make. We simply offer the the finest pool heating solutions in the business. With Ruud, you get top quality, innovative products that come with the latest technology, dependable performance, great warranties and excellent service and support. This is why we say, 'Relax, It's Ruud'.

Ruud Quality and Comfort

Ruud pool heaters provide year-round comfort for your pool or spa and are unmatched in features and benefits. They are designed to make your pool or spa the most comfortable place on earth. Today we maintain our reputation as a worldwide industry leader by assuring that our product quality is unmatched and by setting the standards for support and service.

Ruud Engineered

All Ruud products must pass rigorous engineering design standards. This means every heater design has been tested and certified at a Ruud research and development facility. This includes environmental chamber testing, fatigue testing, performance testing as well as shipping and handling tests. This ensures that the smallest detail is not over looked and every unit built is first quality. This strategic focus allows for on going heater product innovation and improvements. Ruud heaters are among the leaders in the pool and spa industry and will continue to be a leader in the years to come.