Compact & Easy to Install
The Crosswind V's small footprint and lightweight design helps customers reduce the amount of install time and saves on unnecessary labor costs to the homeowner.

System Automation
Our 3-wire remote plug is compatible with ALL competitor controllers

Easy Access for Serviceability and Maintenance
The control junction box (J-box) can be easily and quickly removed with 4 screws, making it easy to service and clean. Includes a longer control harness to access internal components.

Operation Manager
Enables you to manage your heater, one accessory, and scheduling.

The Crosswind V uses less energy and allows the homeowner to save on their monthly bill.

Integrated Wi-Fi
Remotely monitor your pool or spa from anywhere, anytime with real-time updates and service alerts

Advanced Heater Control
Featuring capacitive touch design and easy-to read diagnostics, this unit provides real-time status notifications directly to the customer and servicer.

Raymote™ Temperature & Heater Control
Raymote Mobile App allows you on-the-go control of your pool temperature and more.

Automated Scheduling
Intelligently heats and adapts to the size of your pool. notifying you when it reaches the desired temperature setting.


Crosswind V Pool Heat Pump control

1 Evaporator Coil

2a Water Inlet (left)

2b Water Outlet (right)

3 Inlet Temperature Sensor

4 Outlet Temperature Sensor

5 Titanium Heat Exchanger

6 Scroll Compressor (hidden)

7 Junction Box & PC Board

8 Electrical Conduit Access (4 Ports)

9 Ambient Temperature Sensor

10 Fan Motor (not shown)

11 Durable Powder-Coated, Steel Cabinet

12 Integrated Plastic Base Pan

13 Reversing Valve (Deluxe models)


crosswind control with phone


The Crosswind V was designed with a straight forward, easy to use interface. Featuring capacitive touch design and improved, easy-to-read diagnostics, this unit provides real-time status notifications directly to the customer and servicer.

System Automation

Crosswind V includes two built-in auxiliary dry-contact ports for pool accessories, such as lights and/or water features. Customers can also add relays to control high voltage accessories (sold separately).

Crosswind V Pool Heat Pump

avia control with phone

Control From Anywhere

You can also control your Crosswind settings from across the street - or across town - right from your phone. Whether adjusting the pool temperature or checking on other pool functions, it's all possible through your Raymote remote Wi-Fi connection.


Simple Yet Mighty

Crosswind V (Vertical Discharge): sleek, modern design that will look great in any backyard. Thoughtfully designed with a smaller footprint and lighter weight ensuring a seamless and hassle-free setup. Crosswind V fits on standard equipment pads and industry standard 2" water connections, conveniently accessible through the front panel for enhanced serviceability.

Energy Guide Details



Crosswind V


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