Ruud Comfort Control2 System High-Definition Serial Communicating Thermostat



Introducing the Ruud Comfort Control2 System
High-Definition Serial Communicating Thermostat

Ruud High-Definition Thermostat

Earlier this year, Ruud introduced the addition of Serial Communicating technology utilizing the new 500-Series Comfort Control2 System thermostat, which allows the indoor and outdoor components to "Talk" to the other. Now, we are pleased to introduce the NEW Comfort Control2 System High-Definition Serial Communicating model UHC-TST550CMMS, featuring a 3.5” diagonal VGA LCD display. This new thermostat is super slim, measuring only ½" thin. Serial Communication is controlled by sending commands and passing along system status notifications. This technology provides the homeowner with complete control over their comfort and makes installation and service for the contractor simple, faster and less prone to errors. With the NEW 500-Series Comfort Control2 System Serial Communicating High-Definition thermostat, your customers will realize a new level of comfort and reliability and appreciate its sleek and sophisticated design.

Contractor Benefits:

  • New High-Definition Display: Allows contractor\\'s information to be programmed and displayed during system warnings and service reminders (Customer knows exactly who to contact)
  • USB Upload Capability: Quickly program the thermostat with pre-programming controls saved on a USB device and upload immediately to the thermostat (instant on-site programming)
  • Auto Configuration: When the system is energized each component "introduces" itself to the other and automatically adjusts settings such as airflow making the system setup a snap (no dip switch settings)
  • Advanced Diagnostics: Up to 50 error and operational status codes accessible via the Comfort ControlSystem thermostat; Six fault code recall available per unit, complete operating history and model number/serial number data easily accessed from the indoors at the thermostat (Service and diagnostics made easy)
  • Quick Connectability: 2 or 4 wire connection between the indoor and outdoor unit; Four wire connection to the thermostat; use the existing thermostat wiring in most replacement/retro fit applications (easy to install) 

 Homeowner Benefits:

  • Sleek, sophisticated design features a modern, stainless-steel colored frame or exchangeable faceplate that can be painted to match homeowner's decor
  • Cutting-edge, customizable display allows homeowner to select a preferred background from five different color/logo scheme combinations
  • Provides accurate system operation information right at the homeowner's fingertips: "Call for Service" notifications and warning alerts are color-coded on the display to quickly identify necessary action if an undesirable system operation occurs
  • Peace of mind operation: The Comfort Control2 System offers active system protection, wich will take the system offline to protect it from serious trouble saving time, money and downtime
  • Advanced feature thermostat allows for simple set-up and operation so the environment can be tailored to fit the homeowner's lifestyle; Provides general maintenance reminders to change the filter, UV light and other IAQ systems; and intuitive programming controls allow homeowner to set-up temperature programs for all seven days of the week on one screen.  
Equipment Match-up: Please note, the NEW 500-Series High-Definition thermostat model UHC-TST550CMMS will only operate with Comfort Control2 System Serial Communicating indoor and outdoor equipment. Additionally, this thermostat can be used with the NEW Comfort Control2 System Geothermal Heat Pump, which was announced recently (#PD-0809-189) in our partnership with ClimateMaster.