Ruud Named Official Supplier In Largest U.S. Domestic Solar Water Heating Program



Ruud is excited to announce a groundbreaking association with the Valley Electric Association (VEA) to launch the largest Domestic Solar Water Heating (DSWH) program ever undertaken in the U.S.

This program offers each member of VEA, an electrical co-op serving 150,000 residents in Nevada and California, an opportunity to install a Ruud SolPak® active solar water heating system in their residence.  “With an 80-year business history, $2-billion in annual sales, and tested equipment for solar water heaters, VEA feels Ruud adds the confidence in a solid product that was essential to our business model” says Thomas Husted, CEO of Valley Electric Association, Inc.

It’s estimated that members switching from electric or propane water heating systems will save between $250 and $550 annually on water heating.  This program will also help to eliminate 15.4 million pounds of carbon dioxide annually and save $34 million, collectively, on energy costs over the next 20 years.  Zero percent interest financing to members who choose to participate in the DSWH program and participating members will also be eligible to receive a Federal tax credit of up to 30 percent of the installed cost including labor.

For more information on the DSWH program, please visit  For more information about Ruud and its alternative energy products, please contact your local Ruud representative