RGECZR/ZT models in 3-5 tons offer up to 16.2 SEER2/17 SEER and 12 EER2/12.5 EER. RGECZT models in 6 tons offer up to 14.6 IEER and 11.2 EER. With 2-stage cooling (RGECZT models only), the patent-penting Velocifin™ heat exchanger, and optional HumidiDry®, these Renaissance models include many innovative features that enhance overall and part-load performance to meet or exceed DOE 2023 requirements.

    Engineered with installability and serviceability in mind, Renaissance makes easier, drop-in replacement possible in most cases without a curb adapter. Once installed, building owners and contractors will enjoy the serviceability advantages Renaissance offers with out ServiceSmart Package that includes a Qwik-Clean Drain Pan, the Qwik-Slide Blower Assembly, and PlusOne® Diagnostics with Dual 7-Segment LED Display.


    • Nominal sizes: 3-6 Tons
    • Up to 16.2 SEER2/17 SEER, 12 EER2 / 12.5 EER
    • One-stage cooling (RGECZR) or two-stage cooling(RGECZT)
    • Coil Type: Full MicroChannel
    • Optional PlusOne® ClearControl/OptionalPlusOne® HumidiDry®



    RGECZR/ZT Renaissance™ Line Packaged G/E


    Parts: 5 Years

    Aluminized Heat Exchanger: 10 Years

    Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger: 20 Years

    Compressor: 5 Years

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