Breathe cleaner air with a Ruud Ultraviolet Treatment System. If you want improved air quality in your home, install a Ruud UV-C Treatment System to work along side your Ruud central heating and cooling system.Your Ruud total home comfort solution will make the air in your home cleaner and comfortable for you and your family. By using UV-C lamps, particles and germs are destroyed and prevented from being re-circulated to the air in your home. For cleaner air…trust an Ultraviolet Treatment System from Ruud.

When you consider all the things you breathe each day in your home, it’s worth thinking about a Ruud Ultraviolet Treatment System. Gain peace-of-mind for your family by having one installed, which can greatly improve your home’s indoor air quality and the air you breathe every day.

  • Highly Efficient – Kills mold spores and certain live, airborne bacteria passing by the lamp.
  • Easy Lamp Replacement – LED light indicates lamp replacement is required and snap-in lamp design makes replacement easy.
  • Safe Design – Sealed unit design prevents accidental contact with UV rays.
  • Long Lamp Life – Advanced technology optimizes lamp life up to five years.
Ruud Ultraviolet Treatment Systems
Part Number Description
RXIU-A02A UV-C (Single Lamp), Coil Irradiation or Return Applications
RXIU-A03A UV-C (Dual Lamp), Coil Irraditation or Return Applications
RXIU-A01A 24V Coil Treatment System with Remote Mount Capability, Includes Bulb, Handle, Ballast , Cord with Connection


  • Models RXIU-A01A, RXIU-A02A, and RXIU-A03A
  • Rheem Ultraviolet Treatment Systems
  • Highly Efficient - KIlls Mold Spores & Live Airborne Bacteria
  • Easy Lamp Replacement & Indicator Light
  • Safe Design - No Contact with UV Rays
  • Long Lamp Life - Up to 5 Years




Parts Warranty - 5 Years

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