Model BTUH Heating C.O.P.
M6310ti-E-PD 115,400/108,000  5.9/5.6
M6330it-E-HC 105,000/100,000 5.6/5.3

It's true, nothing beats a gas heater for bringing your pool or spa up to temperature rapidly, but it can be expensive to operate. Keep in mind that with a gas heater, you also need to run expensive gas lines, or install an unsightly propane storage tank. Installing a Ruud heat pump can save you money compared to a gas heater installation. Ruud units operate quietly, cleanly and most of all efficiently. Installation is no harder than installing a pool pump. Now you can trust your backyard investment to the same people who have been in homes across America for over 75 years. Your Ruud heat pump is designed to provide years of safe, reliable service, and can save you money over time compared to other heating methods. Ask your Ruud heat pump dealer for more details!

Extend Your Swim Season in Comfort

A Ruud heat pump can turn your backyard pool investment into resort style living almost year round. Get the most out of your pool by keeping it comfortable and open longer. A Ruud heat pump will give you the flexibility of warming your pool water in the months before and after your normal swim season. Your backyard evening events are rarely slowed down by cool weather when you have a Ruud heat pump on duty.


Ruud heat pumps are the most reliable and robust units on the market today. In the unlikely event that you have a service problem, one toll-free call will have your heater up and running again. It's that simple. Ruud heat pumps are truly hassle-free.

Spiral "Rifled" Titanium Tube

And they said it couldn't be done... Titanium has gained world recognition in just about every industry for its "nearly unbreakable" qualities. Additionally, due to Titanium's rigidity, it has been nearly impossible to design an ultra-efficient heat exchanger using this metal. Ruud is the first company to offer the Spiral "Rifled" Titanium Tube heat exchanger. This proven technique drastically increases the surface area where super-heated gases can safely transfer heat to water. Rifling a Titanium Tube Heat Exchanger provides a truly efficient waterway that withstands the abuses of harsh pool chemistry and erosion. The spiral "rifled" exchanger also helps reduce deposit build-up, and increases efficiency by performing a "scoop-and-lift" action. While neither Titanium nor rifling is new to the heat pump industry, leave it to Ruud to bring the best of both worlds together to maximize your backyard investment!

Direct-Set Dual Thermostat

Ruud heat pumps are carefully designed and built with features that pool owners desire most. Take the Direct-Set Thermostat for example. The easy-to-read, easy-to-use dials allow you to set your water temperature just the way you like it. Gone are the days of the guesswork involved with having to choose between the "blue & red swoosh" like on your car's A/C... now you have the temperature targets displayed right on the dial! In addition, All Ruud heat pumps are built with separate Pool and Spa thermostats...standard! No cost-cutting here! This feature allows you to "set it and forget it" when it comes to customizing your settings on both bodies of water.

Remote Compatible

All Ruud heat pumps are compatible with the industry's most popular remote systems. Plus, wiring a remote has never been easier, since every Ruud heat pump comes with a simple-to-use terminal strip located right inside the junction box.

Indicator Lights

All Ruud Heat Pumps come standard with an indicator light panel. This simple, yet effective system tells you quickly the status of the pool temperature, the system flow and the electrical power.

2" PVC Union Water Connections

All Ruud heat pumps are equipped with 2" (PVC union) plumbing connections. This allows for ease of installation and future serviceability should the need ever arise.

Built-In Internal Bypass

Automatically compensates for normal day-to-day changes in your pool's hydraulics, maximizing heat transfer efficiency.

DuraSteel™ Powder-Coated Cabinet

Our exclusive DuraSteel Cabinet is zinc-chromate-plated, and polyester powder-coated making it non-corrosive and much more durable than a plastic cabinet. It's the same rugged construction used by all the major air conditioner manufacturers.

Copeland Scroll™ Compressor - Your Choice for Quiet & Reliable Operation

The Copeland Scroll compressor in your Ruud heat pump is the same workhorse that is used in Ruud air conditioners all around the world! The simple design of the Copeland Scroll compressor builds in reliability and allows it to operate at lower sound and vibration levels than reciprocating compressors. In fact, tests have shown that Scroll compressors are up to three times quieter than reciprocating models. Durability is based on a very robust design and contains only a few moving parts. Because the Copeland Scroll compressor starts unloaded, strain on the motor is considerably reduced. During rough operating conditions, spiral components within the unit reposition themselves to protect the compressor from damage. Millions of air conditioners can't be wrong...the performance of a Copeland Scroll compressor gets better with time: it "wears in," not out.


Power Defrost Features

Low Ambient Temperatures

There are some climates that can challenge a heat pump's performance. Areas that are subject to lower ambient temperatures, have a tendency to cause ice to build up on a heat pump's condensing coil. This ice could damage a heat pump's internal components while starving the unit of the air flow it needs to work properly. To combat this, most manufacturers build their heat pumps with a "Defrost Mode." What most manufacturers don't tell you is that their units can not heat your pool water while defrosting the coil!

With a Ruud Power Defrost heat pump, you can have your cake, and eat it, too! How is this possible? ...simple! The more time your heat pump can spend heating the water, the quicker you will achieve your desired swim temperature. While heating your pool, if the Ruud Power Defrost Heat Pump senses damaging ice build up, the Power Defrost feature redirects a small amount of the hot Freon gas back through the Condensing Coil. This removes any ice that may be forming on the coil without stopping the heating process! This means that a Ruud Power Defrost heat pump gives you the freedom to continue to heat your pool water even when the unit is defrosting itself. So while your neighbor's "other brand" of heat pump has stopped heating the water and is still trying to "break the ice," you and your family will be swimming!

Specialty Features

Heat-Cool Models
Hot Summer Days

Ruud Heat-Cool units extend your swim season even longer! Just the right heat pump for climates that, in addition to having cooler-than-comfortable temperatures, can also have extremely hot summer months. With a Ruud Heat-Cool heat pump, your water temperature will always be comfortable. Just as households around the world have trusted us to heat their water during the colder months... Ruud will also have you relaxing in your pool during the hot days of summer with cool, refreshing, chilled pool water. Having the ability to pull out the extra degrees Mother Nature put in will make your pool the envy of the neighborhood. No matter what time of year, a Ruud Heat-Cool will have you swimming when others won't venture outside.

How Does it Work?

Ruud Heat-Cool units have a unique reversing valve which enables the heat pump to not only take the chill out of the water, but also put it back in... Cooling your pool water during the hot summer months! Normally, a heat pump will gather heat energy from the air with its condensing coil. Using Freon, and several other components, the heat is transferred over to your pool water. By reversing this process the heat pump can actually take heat out of the water, transfer it to the Freon, and eventually run it through the condensing coil. The condensing coil dissipates the heat into the air, much like a cars radiator.

Low-Humidity Models
Dual-Coil Design

Ruud Low Humidity units utilize a Dual-Coil Evaporator which maximizes heating in areas of low-humidity. Based on outside conditions, the unit decides to run on either one, or both, coils allowing the compressor to always run at peak performance. This helps to maintain the highest possible heat capture in the most humidity-challenged environments.


Technical Data

Power Defrost Models RMHP 6300tiPD RMHP 8300tiPD
Heat BTU Output 80°F Air 80% RH 80° F Water  115,000 137,000
C.O.P. 5.5 6.1
Compressor Copeland Scroll Copeland Scroll
Voltage 208/230V - 1 Ph - 60 Hz 208/230V - 1 Ph - 60 Hz
Minimum Circuit Ampacity 40 43
Maximum Breaker Size 60 Amps 60 Amps
Electrical Input 6.1 kw 6.6 kw
Heat Exchanger Titanium Titanium
Water Flow 25-80 gpm 25-80 gpm
Shipping Weight 325 lbs. 355 lbs.
Specialty Models RMHP 6300tiHC RMHP 6300tiLH RMHP 6300tiLHHC
Heat BTU Output 80°F Air 80% RH 80° F Water  115,000 115,000 115,000
Cool BTUH Output 83,000 N/A 83,000
C.O.P. 5.5 5.5 5.5
Compressor Copeland Scroll Copeland Scroll Copeland Scroll
Voltage 208/230V - 1 Ph - 60 Hz 208/230V - 1 Ph - 60 Hz 208/230V - 1 Ph - 60 Hz
Minimum Circuit Ampacity 40 40 40
Maximum Breaker Size 60 Amps 60 Amps 60 Amps
Electrical Input 6.1 kw 6.1 kw 6.1 kw
Heat Exchanger Titanium Titanium Titanium
Water Flow 25-80 gpm 25-80 gpm 25-80 gpm
Shipping Weight 325 lbs. 355 lbs. 355 lbs.
Classic Model Standard Features
  • Exclusive DuraSteel™ Powder-Coated Cabinet: Polyester powder-coated, non-corrosive cabinet is more durable than plastic heat pump cabinets. Same rugged steel construction used by all the major air conditioner manufacturers.
  • Large Coated Air Coils: Raised lanced-fin design maximizes heating at lower temperatures. Unique fin coating prevents corrosion, even in salt air.
  • Venturi Fan Cowling: High-capacity 3000-cfm fan provides unrestricted air flow for better heating.
  • Copeland Scroll™ Compressor: The Copeland Scroll is the leading scroll compressor in quality and reliability. It provides you with higher efficiency, lower sound levels, superior durability and unsurpassed reliability.
  • Refrigerant Receiver Tank: On the 8300 model, it allows for a larger refrigerant charge and provides more efficient heating at lower air temperatures without additional compressor stress.
  • Sound Isolation Pads: Prevents sound transfer to equipment pad and elevates the base pan to improve water drainage.
  • Remote/Local Switch: Compatible with the latest automated pool control systems. Exclusive remote/local switch ends the conflict between outside control systems and the heat pumps control system. Great for troubleshooting.
  • Dual Thermostats: Allows separate pool and spa temperature settings.
  • Exclusive Direct-Set Thermostat (excluding Heat-Cool models): Take the guesswork out of adjusting your pool or spa to your desired temperature. Our direct-set thermostat is easy to use; the numbers are right on the dial.
  • Spiral Titanium Tube: Our spiral titanium tube heat exchanger provides a corrosion-free waterway that can withstand the abuses of harsh pool chemistry. The spiral tube helps reduce deposit build-up and increases efficiency by performing a "scoop-and-lift" action.
  • Internal Valving: Automatically compensates for normal day-to-day changes in your pool's hydraulics, maximizing heat transfer efficiency.
  • Plumbing Connections: 2" PVC union connections are included for ease of installation.
Specialty Model Features - Low-Humidity
  • Dual-Coil Design: The dual-coil evaporator maximizes heating in low-humidity conditions. The unit will run on one coil or both coils depending on the air temperature. This allows the compressor to always run at peak performance.
Specialty Model Features - Power Defrost
  • Hot Gas Bypass Valve: If the condensing coil senses freezing temperatures while running, the power defrost feature will activate and allow some of the hot Freon gas to bypass the water heat exchanger and re-route it back through the condensing coil. This unique feature allows the unit to continue heating the water while it removes any ice that may have formed on the coil. This feature is a great benefit when trying to operate at lower ambient temperatures.
Specialty Model Features - Heat-Cool
  • Digital Solid-State Controls: Accurately monitor your pool's water temperature settings. Numerically set the display to your desired temperature.
  • Heat/Cool Selector Switch: Go from heat mode to cool with a flip of a switch.
  • Reversing Valve: Heat-Cool units have a unique reversing valve that allows the heat pump to cool the pool water during the hot summer months.
  • Defrost: Heat-Cool units have the unique ability to prevent ice from forming on the condensing coil. If freezing temperatures are sensed on the coil while heating, the unit can switch to the cooling mode. During the cooling mode, the Freon will be warmed by the pool water and send the hot gas to the condensing coil to melt the ice. Once the coil temperature returns to a normal operating temperature, the unit resumes heating the water.


  • Models: D6350tiHC, D6350tiPD, D8350ti-E-HC
  • Two Sizes: 110,000 & 133,000 BUT/HR at 80/80/80
  • Power Defrost 117,000 BTU/HR
  • AHRI Certified and Listed
  • Scroll Compressor
  • Titanium spiral tube heat exchanger
  • 2" PVC Union connections
  • Digital Control
  • COP up to 6.2 at 80/80/80, meets Florida 4.0 Minimum COP



Specialty Series Heat Pump Pool Heaters


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