NAECA Regulation Information

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), as part of the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA), issued Final Rule energy efficiency mandates in April 2010. This new update, effective April 16, 2015, will require higher Energy Factor (EF) ratings on almost all residential gas, electric, oil and tankless gas water heaters. While NAECA 2015 only applies to U.S.-manufactured products, Canada will soon implement similar increases in efficiency standards. These far-reaching new requirements will have an important impact on manufacturers, wholesalers, installers and customers.

Regulation Standards

Standards apply to U.S. only.

Ruud NAECA Video

Ruud is Ready to Help You Make the Transition

The Ruud brand has been known for water heating innovation since it’s creation by the inventor of the first automatic gas water heater, Edwin Ruud. Today, his legacy has led us to achieving higher standards in Performance, Installability™, and Serviceability (our 360º+1 Design Philosophy) resulting in a complete portfolio of advanced products and resources to help you turn new national energy efficiency requirements into opportunities.

See below for the list of Ruud solutions already available to comply with the new regulations.

Available NAECA-Compliant Solutions from Ruud

Gas Tank-Type

Ultra High Efficiency Condensing Power Direct Vent
Ultra Powered Damper
Ultra Powered Damper Ultra Low Nox
Achiever Plus Induced Draft
Achiever Plus Powered Damper
Achiever Plus Atmospheric
Achiever Plus Heavy Duty
Achiever Plus Power Direct Vent
Achiever Plus Heavy Duty Power Direct Vent
Achiever Plus Heavy Duty Power Vent
Achiever Plus Powered Damper Ultra Low Nox
Achiever Plus Ultra Low Nox
Achiever Plus Heavy Duty Ultra Low Nox
Achiever Atmospheric
Achiever Power Vent
Achiever Power Direct Vent
Achiever Ultra Low Nox
Achiever Power Vent Ultra Low Nox

Gas Tankless

Ultra High Efficiency Condensing Tankless
Mid-Efficiency Tankless

Electric Tank-Type

Ultra Hybrid Heat Pump
Ultra Electric
Achiever Plus Electric
Achiever Electric
Achiever Point-of-use
Table Top

What Do These Changes Mean for Contractors?

Higher call volumes and higher sales
New technologies and installation requirements will lead to increasing consumer demand for contractor expertise.
Relationship-building opportunities with consumers
Homeowners will rely more heavily on contractors when choosing, installing, maintaining and using advanced water heaters.
New training
Ruud’s complete online and field training programs will educate contractors on advanced model technologies, features and installation procedures.
Increases in manpower and resources required for storage, transportation and installation
New technologies and larger units mean installations may require two installers, larger delivery trucks and additional installation equipment.
New considerations when choosing an installation location
This includes space requirements for larger-sized replacements and additional technologies (like condensing venting and disposal systems), and access to electrical for some new gas models.