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    RUUD HYBRID BUILDER ELECTRIC WATER HEATER Save today. Save tomorrow. An unmatched water heating option for today’s homes. HIGH EFFICIENCY SOLUTION Water Heating Solution Designed for Builders, Property Management & HOAs EARTH FRIENDLY EFFICIENCY Reduces carbon footprint with a73% reduction in energy use1 Contact Us RUUD HYBRID BUILDER ELECTRIC WATER HEATER Ideal for New Construction High Efficiency – 3.50 UEF Meets NEEA Tier 3 Requirements Title 24 Ready Grid Enabled for Utility – Lev…

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    Getting Started with Smart Electric STORE ASSOCIATE TRAINING VIDEOS How to Sell Smart Electric In The Aisle What Is Smart Electric Who Is Smart Electric For Why A Smart Water Heater PRODUCT DOCUMENTS Consumer Brochure Plumber Brochure Use and Care STORE PRO TRAINING WEBINAR Training Webinar SERVICE VIDEOS / TECHNICAL VIDEOS Smart Electric Startup Video – Begin Heating Water How to Connect – Connect your Water Heater to WiFi Warranty Registration – Register via Rheem Contractor App LeakGua…

  • SmartElectric

    Your Smart Home Deserves a Smarter Water Heater You have smart TVs, smart locks, maybe even a smart refrigerator. Now it's time to add the pioneering Ruud® Smart Electric Water Heater. It offers smart detection, smart operation and smart protection. Adding one to your smart home makes you, well, pretty smart. LeakSense™ Intelligent leak detection system provides real-time notifications that prevent catastrophic failure1 ECONET® Exclusive technology provides performance updates and…