• Peace-Of-Mind-Performance: Relax, you're covered by one of the best warranties in the industry - 10 Year Conditional Parts when installed as a heat pump only or as part of a system.
  • Energy Savings:  Just like a vehicle's MPG rating, the higher the SEER2, EER2 and HSPF2 rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio / Heating Seasonal Performance Factor), the higher the efficiency of your heat pump - resulting in more energy savings, Keep in mind other factors such as system matching, sizing, ductwork and installation also impact the overall efficiency.  
  • Precise Comfort:  Inverter driven, variable speed, twin rotary compressor technology features fully variable cooling and heating operation between 45% to 100% of capacity to continuously meet your ever-changing needs.
  • Space-Saver Solution: Part of our Sound & Space Constraint Solution, the Achiever Plus Side-Discharge Universal Heat Pump is the ideal product for when installation locations are cramped.  It features a small footprint with size options as low as 40.2" wide, 16.4" deep and 36.6" tall.
  • Reduced Emissions: Households generate 72% of greenhouse gas emissions, so switching to a heat pump can make a big difference for the environment - today.
  • Durable Curb Appeal: Steel panels provide excellent support and protection to internal components, while the overall modern cabinet aesthetics including the powder coat paint system and rust-resistant screws allow your unit to put its best face forward for years to come.
  • Less Environmental Impact: The 7mm condenser coil reduces refrigerant requirements up to 15%.  This lowers the amount of greenhouse gases emitted while contributing to Ruud's sustainability goal of a 50% reduction of our greenhouse gas footprint by 2025.
  • Universal Install Compatibility: The RD17AZ works with nearly any HVAC system option - including Ruud EcoNet enabled and non-communicating systems, or as a universal replacement with minimal alterations required. 
  • Quiet Operation: Sound dampening features such as refrigerant tubing design, fan blade approach and innovative compressor and drive technology ensure that as efficiency goes up, sound levels stay low - as low as 58dB.
  • Specifications

    • Cooling Efficiencies up to:  19 SEER2/ 12 EER2
    • Heating Efficiencies up to: 8.5 HSPF2
    • Nominal Sizes: 2 to 5 Ton [7.0 to 17.6 kW]
    • Cooling Capacities: 22.8 to 53.0 kBTU [7.0 to 17.6 kW]
    • Refrigerant Type: R-410A



    RD17AZ Endeavor® Line Achiever Plus® Series Universal Heat Pump


    Conditional Parts (Registration Required): Ten (10) Years

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